Residue Analysis Accessories

The complete accessories package for residue testing analysis

Randox Food Diagnostics have developed a range of residue analysis accessories to compliment the extensive ELISA, biochip and wine product range. Accessories range from calibrators, controls, preparation kits and immunoaffinity columns..

Immunoaffinity columns

Sample clean-up is an essential part of drug residue testing. Immunoaffinity columns are used for sample purification and are based on specific antibody-analyte binding technology.

Quality Controls

Randox Food Diagnostics provide a range of liquid and lyophilised quality controls in conjunction with the biochip, ELISA and wine product range.

Sample Preparation Kits

The feed and milk sample preparation kits from Randox Food Diagnostics enable one single sample preparation across a range of biochip technology Evidence Investigator arrays.

Standard Kits

The Beta Lactam standard accessory kit is used in conjunction with the Beta Lactam ELISA test kit

IAC’s highly specific and fast analysis

Lower signal to noise ratio, one hour method

Preparation kits – rapid method

45 samples can be prepared in approximately 2 hours

Standard accessory kit user friendly

Once reconstituted standards are ready to use