Detection of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are a group of naturally occurring metabolites produced by certain moulds. They can grow on a variety of different crops and from a food safety perspective, mycotoxins can cause a variety of adverse health effects in humans.

Our screening solutions provide excellent tools for the quantitative analysis of Mycotoxins using both the unique patented biochip array technology and high quality ELISAs. For further information on each of our Mycotoxin screening ELISA's and arrays, click on the links below.

Mycotoxins Screening Platforms

Randox Food Diagnostics provide a comprehensive ELISA test portfolio dedicated to simple and effective mycotoxins analysis.

For a full list of ELISA test kits related to mycotoxins analysis see ELISA list

Randox Food Diagnostics provide a unique range of multi-analyte testing platforms for a range of mycotoxins.

See below for a full list of biochip test groups validated for Mycotoxins

Myco 10 Array Myco 7 Array Myco 5 Array Myco 3 Array MycoFlex 
Aflatoxin B1/B2 Aflatoxin B1/B2 Aflatoxin B1/B2 Aflatoxin B1 Aflatoxin B1/B2
Aflatoxin G1/G2 Aflatoxin G1/G2 Aflatoxin G1/G2 Zearalenone
Aflatoxin G1/G2
Ochratoxin A
Ochratoxin A Ochratoxin A Deoxynivalenol Ochratoxin A
Fumonisins Deoxynivalenol
Ergot Alkaloids Deoxynivalenol Zearalenone Ergot Alkaloids
Deoxynivalenol T2 toxin


T2 toxin

T2 toxin


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Higher throughput

45 samples assessed in under 2 hours

Consolidation of Testing

Multiple tests results from a single sample

Extensive menu of drug residue tests

10 Arrays covering over 40 compounds

Reduced False Positives

Less than 5% false positives and no reported false negatives