Drug Residue Screening

Quantitative detection of up to 45 residues from a single sample

Randox biochip array technology (BAT) will revolutionise your screening practices. Designed to work across a wide variety of matrices, BAT uses micro spotting techniques to create an assay that can detect and provide quantitative results for up to 45 residues from a single sample. No complicated sample preparation and an assay protocol designed by scientists for scientists.


The Biochip

Each single 9x9mm Biochip acts as the reaction well, replacing multiple ELISA wells.

Discrete Test Regions

Each Biochip has 25 Discrete Test Regions (DTRs) and each DTR holds an individual test.

The Biochip Detachable Wells Chemiluminescent Reaction

Detachable Wells

Removable strips of 3 wells allows for more efficient use of the Investigator kits as wastage is reduced.

Chemiluminescent Reaction

The Investigator quantifies images using Relative Light Units (RLU), generated by a chemiluminescent reaction.

Consolidation of Testing

Multiple test results obtained from a single sample

Reduced False Positives

Less than 5% false positives and no reported false negatives

Higher Throughput

45 samples quantified in less than two hours

Simple Sample Preparation

Simple to prepare with little technical expertise required