Randox Food Diagnostics Instrumentation

A range of analysers supplied by Randox Food Diagnostics

Randox Food Diagnostics presents the world’s only multi-analyte quantitative screening drug residue analyser, the Evidence Investigator. Using Biochip Technology for food safety testing reduces the number of samples sent to confirmation laboratories lowering costs on expensive confirmation tests.

Evidence Investigator

The world’s only multi-analyte quantitative drug residue screening analyser

RX misano

User friendly features improving the efficiency of in-house wine analysis

RX monaco

A compact, fully automated wine analyser for medium to large sized wine laboratories

Instrument Accessories

A wide range of laboratory accessories for use with Randox Food Diagnostics analysers

Installation Help

Randox Food Diagnostics engineers install machines when required

Technical Support

International technical support team on hand to answer any queries

Training Provided

Training on each machine is provided to customers by the technical support team

Protection Plans available

Randox Food Diagnostics offer warranties for selected machines