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Day 1 | World Antibiotic Awareness Week

It’s Day 1 of World Antibiotic Awareness Week! To kick off the week we’re looking at the use of antibiotics in the dairy industry and how Randox Food Diagnostics provide the world’s first milk testing kit to assist dairy processors in supplying milk that meets EU regulations.

Antibiotics are administered to cattle for various reasons, primarily to ensure the herd is healthy and not suffering from disease or bacterial infection such as mastitis, metritis or respiratory infections, however, antibiotics can be used too often and go beyond acceptable levels.

To help protect the global dairy industry and help dairy processors control their use of antibiotics Randox Food have developed the Infiniplex for Milk Array. The world’s first screening technology that ensures dairy processors are compliant with 98% of EU regulations. In addition to testing for antibiotics, InfiniPlex can detect anti- parasitic, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic drug residues from a single sample using patented Biochip Array Technology.

Further benefits of InfiniPlex for Milk include;

  • Comprehensive and easy to use technology with no technical expertise required
  • Zero sample preparation as the raw milk is applied directly to the Biochip
  • Drug discrimination technology where the exact pharmaceutical combinations of veterinary drugs used can be identified
  • Detection of unauthorised substances, some drugs are unauthorised for use therefore aren’t acceptable at any levels these include; chloramphenicol, tetracyclines and ractopamine

To suit various throughputs the InfiniPlex Array is available on two analysers, the Evidence Investigator and the Evidence MultiSTAT. The Investigator is a semi-automated system, capable of analysing up to 48 samples in under 2 hours, making it perfect for centralised laboratories and internal surveillance programmes. The MultiSTAT is a fully automated system that delivers results for one sample in just 18 minutes, ideal turnaround time for farm level testing, low throughput laboratories and dairy processors.

For more information on the antibiotic screening arrays available, contact  to find out how Randox Food can simplify your screening practices today.

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