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Instrument Accessories

Randox Food Diagnostics offers a wide range of laboratory accessories including all the items necessary to run in conjunction with the Randox Food Diagnostics range of mycotoxin and drug residue analysers.

For more information on ELISA plate readers, washers and a wide range of laboratory consumables contact us below.

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ProductDescriptionCat No.
ELx800 Microplate readerELISA Microplate reader RFD8300
ELx50/8 Microplate washerELISA Microplate washerRFD8301
Gen5 SoftwareELISA Analysis Software RFD8302
Absorbance Test PlateTest plate for diagnosing system performance of Microplate ReadersRFD8303
Centrifuge Rotina 320R4x30ml capacity centrifuge with rotor and adaptorRFD8305
Centrifuge Rotina 380R20x30ml centrifuge with rotor and adaptorRFD8306
PH MeterInstrument for measuring PH levelsRFD8307
VortexVortex with variable speed controlRFD8308
Roller – 9 Roll Sample roller for mixing purposesRFD8310
Sub Aqua 18 litre Water BathLaboratory water bathRFD8311
Sub Aqua 26 litre Water BathLaboratory water bathRFD8312
Sub Aqua Dual 5 litre & 12 litre water bathLaboratory water bathRFD8313
Pipette 5-50 µlLaboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8314
Pipette 20-200 µlLaboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8315
Pipette 200-1000 µlLaboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8316
Multichannel pipette 8 channel 30-300 µlLaboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8317
Pipette FillerLaboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8318
Test Tube Rack (6x12)Test tube holderRFD8319
Sterilin/falcon tube rack (3 x 8)Test tube holderRFD8320
Microcentrifuge racks 80 well (pack of five)Microcentrifuge holderRFD8321
Roller – 6 RollSample roller for mixing purposesRFD8322
Magnetic StirrerMagnetic sample stirring apparatusRFD8322
IncubatorBench top heated 60L incubatorRFD8323
Wash Bottles 500ml (Pack of five)Laboratory wash bottlesRFD8324
Lint Free TissueLaboratory equipmentRFD8325
43ml Sterilin tubes (50 per bag)Laboratory sample tubesRFD8326
1ml eppendorf tubes (1000 per bag)Laboratory sample tubesRFD8327
10 ml plastic disposable pipette (50 per bag)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8328
Blue pipette tips (200 - 1000ul) (250 per bag)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8329
Yellow pipette tips (5 - 200ul) (500 per bag)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8330
5 ml amber vials (266 vials per tray)Laboratory Amber vialsRFD8331
10 ml amber vials (154 vials per tray)Laboratory Amber vialsRFD8332
20 ml amber vials (91 vials per tray)Laboratory Amber vialsRFD8333
30 ml amber vials (108 vials per tray)Laboratory Amber vialsRFD8334
Adhesive microtitre plate sealers (200 per bag)Microtitre plate sealersRFD8335
0.2 um Acrodisc filters (30 per box)Sample filtering equipmentRFD8336
Repetitive Stepper PipetteLaboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8337
Timer 4 channel with alarmLaboratory timing equipmentRFD8339
Glass Pipettes 1 ml (pack of five)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8340
Glass Pipettes 5 ml (pack of five)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8341
Glass Pipettes 10 ml (pack of five)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8342
Glass Pipettes 25 ml (pack of five)Laboratory Pipetting equipmentRFD8343
Reagent reservoir, ‘V’ shaped, autoclavable (pack of five)Laboratory equipmentRFD8344
Glass test tubes 16 x 100 mm (1000)Laboratory sample tubesRFD8345

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