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Less Than One Week Until IDF ISO Analytical Week

Randox Food Diagnostics are excited to be exhibiting at IDF ISO Analytical Week in Dublin from 23rd-26th April. Global Business Manager, David Ferguson, Product Specialist, Liberty Sibanda and Business Development Executive, Daniel Patton are representing Randox Food and promoting the InfiniPlex for Milk Array using the Evidence MultiSTAT and discussing other new releases for 2018.

Using the Evidence MultiSTAT analyser the InfiniPlex Array can identify 130 analytes from a 200µl sample of raw milk and follows this simple process to results:

  • Pipette the sample directly onto the MultiSTAT cartidge
  • Insert the Biochip cartridge into the Evidence MultiSTAT
  • Press play and follow the quick on-screen prompts
  • Results will appear on screen in under 20 minutes

This easy to use system is fully automated and requires the user to have zero technical expertise making it perfectly suited to fast on-site testing within the dairy industry.

The Research and Development team at Randox Food identified a gap in the global dairy market where regulatory standards were not being met with the current antibiotic screening tests available and developed the InfiniPlex for Milk Array. The InfiniPlex test menu is 98% compliant with EU regulations and screens for additional contaminants including; antiparasitic, anti-inflammatories, non-steroidal and unauthorised substances from one sample of raw milk, creating a better end product for the processor and end user.

To find out more about InfiniPlex stop by Booth 10 at IDF ISO Analytical Week or contact

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