frozen shrimp

Enro/Ciprofloxacin ELISA

Enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin are members of the newer fluoroquinolone antibiotics, a fluorine-containing subclass of the quinolones. The main application of quinolones is in the treatment of infection, including gastrointestinal and respiratory infections both in human and veterinary clinical practices. However, the presence of residues of these compounds in food producing animals has to be controlled as their use can potentially lead to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The Randox Food Diagnostics Enro/Ciprofloxacin ELISA offers rapid analysis and detects residues in fish and shrimp sample types.

Product Number: EC3473

AssayLOD (ppb)CompoundCross Reactivity %
Enro/Ciprofloxacin0.75 (Prawn/Shrimp)Enrofloxacin*
*LOD is standardised to this compound

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