Trenbolone ELISA

Trenbolone is a synthetic analogue of the natural sex hormone testosterone and is used as a growth promoter in meat production.  Trenbolone exhibits similar hormonal activity as testosterone but with greater anabolic activity.

Although trenbolone has the benefits of producing meat with low fat content there is also the risk that trenbolone residues will remain in the meat, which may be harmful to the consumer.  Consequently the use of anabolic steroids has been banned in the European Union since 1988 according to council directive 96/23/EC.  However, in some countries trenbolone is officially licensed as an anabolic agent for use in food producing animals.

The Randox Food Diagnostics Trenbolone ELISA kit effectively screens for growth promoter residues in meat. Applicable sample types are tissue, urine, bile and serum.

Product Number: TB2106

AssayLOD (ppb)CompoundCross Reactivity %
Trenbolone0.25 (Tissue)
0.50 (Urine Rapid Screen)
0.15 (Urine C18 Method)
1.00 (Bile)
1.00 (Serum)
Trenbolone (17β)*
Trenbolone (17α)
*LOD standardised to this compound

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