Mycotoxin risk management


More than 1,200 poultry scientists and professional experts from all over the world gathered recently for “The Poultry Science Association Annual Meeting 2019.” Mycotoxin risk, immunity and gut health where all discussed.


In relation to mycotoxin risk management, Dr. Isabelle Oswald, INRA (France) stated:


“Polycontamination is the rule, not the exception. Among mycotoxins, fumonisin B1 and deoxynivalenol have a great impact on zootechnical parameters. These mycotoxins are not only locally toxic for the intestine, but also dysregulate many intestinal functions and impair the local immune response.

Fumonisin is promoting the development of e coli in different segments of the intestinal tract so promoting the sensitivity of animals to infection. On the other hand, in an ‘in vitro’ experience analysing gut integrity, DON proved to increase the passage of toxic molecules and translocation of pathogens in pig and poultry. So, DON has a detrimental effect on the proliferation physiology, the barrier function and inflammation”.   Mycotoxin analysis is a key tool in mycotoxin risk management in feed. The control of raw materials must be accurate and quick to be an efficient decision-making tool.


In order to help the agriculture industry Randox Food Diagnostics provide a multiplexing solution for mycotoxin testing in many matrices including corn, cereals and feed.


Our Myco 9 Array utilises Biochip Array Technology on the Evidence Investigator analyser and can allow the detection up to 9 groups of mycotoxins from one single sample including aflatoxins G1/G2 & B1/B2, diacetoxyscirpenol, fumonisins, paxilline, ochratoxin A, deoxynivalenol (DON), T2 toxin and Zearalenone.


Randox Food also offer a range of premium quality ELISA kits which provide a fast reliable method to detect the presence of aflatoxin B1 and ergot alkaloids in multiple sample types.


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