One Week Until IDF WDS 2018

The countdown to IDF WDS is on with just 7 days to go until the conference South Korea begins. Randox Food Diagnostics are exhibiting at booth #16 showcasing the Biochip Array Technology product offering including the revolutionary InfiniPlex for Milk Array dairy test kit.

In recent years, there has been a focus on antibiotic resistance in both animals and humans. This concern is filtering through to the dairy industry who are now facing growing pressure to provide a high-quality contaminant free product in a quick turnaround time.

Developed to help the dairy industry provide this desired product, the InfiniPlex for Milk Array is the most comprehensive milk test on the market. Combining easy to use Biochip Array Technology with an advanced test menu the user gains compliance with EU regulations from one sample of raw milk and the ability to meet increased consumer demands.

Available to accommodate varied throughputs, the test can be used with either the Evidence Investigator or the Evidence MultiSTAT. The Investigator is a multiplexing system, delivering up to 48 samples in under 2 hours, making it perfectly suited for a centralised laboratory. The Evidence MultiSTAT is a fully automated system that delivers results for one sample in 18 minutes. This system is ideally situated in a dairy processing plant, low throughput laboratories or at farm level testing.

To find out more about the InfiniPlex for Milk Array stop by Booth #16 at IDF WDS next week or contact

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