Why is testing for Glycerol important in winemaking?


Glycerol is formed as a by-product of fermentation. It also has a favourable impact on wine quality, as it improves fullness and sweetness. It is non-aromatic due to its non-volatile nature but can contribute to certain properties of wine depending on the concentration.

In concentrations, higher than 5.2 g/L in wine it can contribute to the “sweetness” of a wine. Wine yeasts produce between 5 – 14 g/L in dry wines. It is not possible for the human palate to distinguish between glycerol concentrations in this range. A concentration of 25.8 g/L of glycerol is needed to influence the viscosity of a wine and so accurate measurement is important for winemakers.

Randox Food Diagnostics offer multiple tests for wine analysis including glycerol on both the RX misano and the RX monaco.




Method No. of Tests Catalogue No. Sensitivity Linearity
Manual 90 GY105 N/A N/A
RX misano 180 GY105 7.20 mg/l 300.00 mg/l
RX monaco N/A GY105 On request On request



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