Wine production for 2018 see’s grape improvement


There were concerns in 2017 after the International Organisation of Vine & Wines (OIV) stated that world wine production had dropped to levels not seen since 1960’s.

Figures from the OIV’s report highlighted that the 2017 production found levels had only reached an estimated 250mhl. The main reason behind this dramatic drop was due to erratic climate conditions affecting grape production.

However, in Switzerland at the OIV’s annual congress they have positively announced that wine production levels seemed to have recovered to levels not seen previously since 2000. It has predicted that almost 292 mhl have been produced in 2018 which is up 17% from the previous year.

The increase is believed to have been caused by the changes in the climate in 2018 which seen climates steady to calmer weather especially in Europe where Italy, France and Spain yet again topped the list of wine producers.

Italy topped the world wine production charts, up 29% from 2017 figures to 54.8 mhl of wine produced in 2018. France also seen a major rise in production levels up 34% on 2017 and Spain seeing figures rise the most significantly, up 37% on 2017.

Production in the Americas have also seen increases in 2018, including Chile and Argentina who saw harvests increase by 36% and 23% respectively.  The USA is up only slightly by 2% in 2018 however, they are currently stating that this figure would have been higher if they had not been affected by the Californian wildfires.

Not all made an increase in 2018, China have seen a dramatic fall in wine production. They only produced 9.1mhl which is down 22%, no reason for this drop has been released yet.

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