5 Things You Need to Know About InfiniPlex for Milk

Randox Food Diagnostics are market leaders in R&D and innovation, investing millions each year into the creation unique of first to market products. The revolutionary patented Biochip Array Technology has been adapted for various industries including; meat & seafood, honey, feed & cereal and most recently, dairy.

Didn’t know we offer dairy tests? Well, here’s the top 5 things you need to know about our latest development, the InfiniPlex for Milk Array.

  1. We test for more than just antibiotics

In dairy farming, several contaminants can be administered to cattle to maintain herd health and treat infection. This means that a screening test with a larger test menu is required to carry out complete quality control checks, InfiniPlex for Milk meets this demand with an extensive test menu covering; antibiotics, anti parasitic, anti-inflammatories, mycotoxins, unauthorised substances, growth promoters and corticosteroids.


  1. There are 2 analysers available

InfiniPlex is now available on two analysers, each designed to suit the user’s specific testing requirements. Both are part of the Evidence Series of analysers, the Evidence Investigator uses consolidation of testing to deliver 48 samples in under two hours and the Evidence MultiSTAT is fully automated with rapid analysis capabilities, delivering results from one sample in 18 minutes.


  1. Tests are available to suit your needs

Randox Food recognise that there may only be certain contaminants or residues that you need to test for depending on specific country or regional regulations and this can change over time, you need flexibility. The Evidence MultiSTAT can meet this requirement by offering a customisable option, testing for 2-43 compounds there are over 1 million possible combinations available to suit your testing needs.


  1. Perfect for rapid testing, or in -depth analysis

Whether you’re interested in fast on-site testing with accurate results using the Evidence MultiSTAT customised arrays or want to conduct further analysis with retrospective quality control internal/ external testing with the Evidence Investigator, or both! The choice is yours to make with InfiniPlex.


  1. Operates on a private, secure system

It’s important that your results are protected and stored in a secure system. The Evidence analysers don’t connect with any cloud servers or portals and cannot be remotely accessed, ensuring your data is safe and secure with a Randox system.

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