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British wine culture has seen its biggest boost in 2017

Kantar Worldpanel, a consumer research company has released their UK wine market report for 2017. In that report, it is stated that the UK have spent £193 million more on wine in 2017. According to the Kantar World panel the UK have spent £5.5 billion on wine in 2017. This increase is great news for UK wine, especially when you consider that wine consumption in the UK has remained steady at 12.7mhl for 2017.

The rise in wine sales in the UK is not a massive surprise, as recently the UK wine market has been booming with an increasing number of wineries popping up across the country.

This significant rise in popularity within British culture for classic wine is said to be one of the reasons for the increase in value. Premiumisation of wines in Britain is rising with the growing culture of younger people drinking the ‘classier’ drink.

Brexit has also caused a rise in the UK wine sales. With producers in Europe putting their prices up on British exported wines it is causing the overall value to increase. The average price of wine is increasing across the UK due to the worst harvest in 60 years across, this has become a global issue which is in turn causing an adverse effect on global wine prices.

Price rises have been the main source of growth this year. Champagne, for example has seen a price rise of 9.1% over 2017.

One area of growth for the UK market is still wine. This has surpassed sparkling wine for the first time since 2013, says Laura Christen, Category Analyst at Kantar Worldpanel. ‘Still wine has overtaken sparkling thanks to the rising popularity of white wine, which has seen 4.8% growth, helped by shoppers choosing alternatives to champagne.

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