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Benefits to the trade of food products between the EU and Japan – EPA

The recent EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will now make it easier for EU food companies to access Japans large customer base by eliminating and cutting tariffs. Agricultural imports will see the main benefits as 90% of the tariff charges will be eliminated.

The agreement will ensure that Japanese customers can now enjoy European exports at affordable prices and make it less of an issue for European companies to export to Japan.

See below for a summary of how the policies from the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will be of benefit to the EU:


  • Japans market for European cheeses will open-up
  • Tariffs on wine will be removed
  • Reduced tariffs on EU exports of pork products to Japan – the most consumed meat in the country
  • Exports from the EU of malt, skimmed milk powder and butter will be increased
  • A market for processed foods will grow such as pasta, confectionary and chocolate
  • Tariffs on beef will be cut


The EPA brings new opportunities between Japan and the EU and with that a higher movement of food products, this means the demand for screening products for food safety will also increase.

In order to help improve food quality and safety worldwide Randox Food Diagnostics developed the Evidence Investigator analyser. The Evidence Investigator uses Biochip Array Technology (BAT), a technology that was developed by Randox, to detect multiple toxins, residues & contaminants (up to 44) from a single sample.

Randox provide analysers and test kits for the following five industries; wine, meat & seafood, feed & cereals, dairy and honey.

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