Meet the MultiSTAT at IDF WDS 2018

Next month is your chance to see the Evidence MultiSTAT in action at IDF WDS, South Korea. The analyser is the latest new release from Randox Food Diagnostics.  Delegates from the dairy testing industry can see a live demo using InfiniPlex for Milk tests at booth #16 at the conference from 15th-19th October.

The Evidence MultiSTAT is the first kit of its kind. Screening for 43 compounds in milk from one sample in 18 minutes. Perfect for dairy processors, the MultiSTAT is fully automated with three simple steps to results. Therefore, the user requires zero technical expertise to use the analyser.

The analyser was created by the Randox Research and Development team in response to the changing demands of the dairy industry. Increased surveillance, stricter regulations and a closer focus on antimicrobial resistance required a test that can conform to regulations within a fast turnaround time.

Customised arrays are available giving you the choice to test for what you want, when you want in the following drug groups:

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