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Brazil Bans Tylosin for Swine Production

Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) has banned the antibiotic and growth promoter tylosin for use in swine production. The ban was put in place as tylosin has been classified as being of great importance in human medicine.

José Ricardo Lôbo, the general coordinator for veterinary medicines stated that “The proposed ban is a measure to prevent and control antimicrobial resistance, which is one of the greatest challenges to public health today, with a major impact on human and animal health, and to increase veterinary supervision of the use of these substances, which will continue to be authorized for veterinary use for the treatment, prevention and control of animal diseases,”

The measure is in line with recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and their appeals to countries to ban the use of important antimicrobials as growth promoters as a matter of priority and urgency.


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Using our highly accurate and reliable Antimicrobial Array ll Plus, Randox Food Diagnostics offers screening solutions for Tylosin on the Evidence Investigator. Antimicrobial Array ll Plus is available across a variety of matrices including; meat and seafood, honey, milk and feed. The ability to screen for the presence of tylosin in meat and feed in swine production ensures absence of the drug at all stages of the animal’s life.


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