Consumers are spiking demand for antibiotic free meat


In a report from Technomic 2017 it was found that around 7 in 10 shoppers are more likely to buy beef if it is labelled “natural”, and around half of those shoppers are willing to pay more in order to have these products. The report highlighted that most consumers say the antibiotic-free label is a purchase driver for beef (68%) and pork (70%) because they believe that if meat products are antibiotic free they are the healthier option. Natural food products saw a year-over-year sales increase of 7.3% and were up 31.8% versus the previous three-year period.

This rise in demand for antibiotic free meat has seen food manufacturers implementing new food safety regimes to ensure that they can supply the growing market.

Randox Food Diagnostics recognise the need for antimicrobial detection by providing reliable and economical testing methods to monitor multiple residues from a single sample with Biochip Array Technology. With the Antimicrobial II Array Plus, Randox Food Diagnostics offer the detection of 6 classes of antimicrobial compounds including quinolones and tetracycline from urine and tissue samples. Additionally, our tetracycline sensitive and quinolones ELISA kits rapidly uncover additional analytes, with excellent sensitivity levels.

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