Could your turkey contain antibiotic residues this Christmas?


As reported on the European Commission RASFF portal, a recent import of complete feed for turkeys from Poland to Lithuania was rejected by border controls for containing residue levels above the maximum residue limit (MRL) for lasalocid.


Lasalocid is an antibacterial agent and a coccidiostat that is used commercially as a poultry coccidiostat and as a feed additive to improve feed efficiency and rate of weight gain in ruminants.


Randox Food Diagnostics offer complete solutions for the detection of antibiotic residues within feed, pre-medicated feed and cereal samples. The screening of antibiotic drug residues helps secure the global supply chain, ensuring that these residues cannot be passed into the animals and ultimately the food chain for human consumption.


Randox Food’s coccidiostats array allows for the detection of up to 10 prevalent antibiotic residues from a single sample of premixed feed or medicated final feed including lasalocid, monensin, clopidol and many more.


Along with our dedicated antibiotic test kits, Randox Food offers mycotoxin screening for feed, validated across a range of matrices including rye flour, wheat, feed and many more.


For more information on the antibiotic screening arrays available contact us at: info@randoxfooddiagnostics.com



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