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Dairy giant to introduce new initiative to incentivise further herd health


Dairy giant Muller are set to introduce a new scheme in 2020 to incentivise the further herd health and welfare of cattle across their UK and Ireland farms. As part of plans in ‘The Muller Direct Premium 2020’ will see farmers who commit to improving herd health and welfare standards in 2020 benefit from an additional payment worth 1.0 penny per litre in 2020.

The scheme will also include two new additional programmes ‘The Muller Direct Farm Insight Programme’ and ‘The Muller Antibiotic Programme’.

The Muller Direct Farm Insight Programme will become an on-farm health and welfare assessment which will help farmers in benchmarking and welfare advice. Muller has also announced the creation of the Muller Antibiotic Programme which is designed to manage and reduce unnecessary use of antibiotics. This announced plan will see farmers take control of their farm with the help of Muller to ensure the longevity of their farm.

The four initiatives that suppliers must meet are –

  • Practice of euthanising healthy bull calves on farm must end by December 2020
  • Sign up to the Muller Direct Farm Insight Programme
  • Sign up to the Muller Direct Antibiotic Programme
  • Involvement in the National Johne’s Management Plan

Companies like Marks & Spencer’s have already pledged their commitment to reducing antibiotic usage. With this new programme released by Muller it is hoped that other major industry leaders will follow.

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