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Food Production Throughout the COVID Pandemic

The food production and supply industries continue to operate throughout one of the most challenging times, the current COVID-19 pandemic. We depend on a large amount of industries to manufacture raw materials and end user products everyday use for industries including feed, dairy, meat and seafood. Therefore, it is extremely important that these industries are secure – globally.

According to various reports including the Dutch feed industry association, Nevedi, have drawn up a code of practice detailing guidelines for feed companies to carry on with production and to ensure sufficient quantities of feed is delivered to livestock farmers.

The Netherlands are not the only country putting such measures in place – in the USA the Trump Administration recently released a set of coronavirus guidelines that detailed special provisions for critical industries like food and beverage to ensure continuous access to “safe and wholesome USDA-inspected products”.

In addition to this, American Dairy Industry Products Institute (ADPI) are seeking to work closely with federal and state officials to ensure the workforce, supply chain operations and transport networks are protected.

In Southeast Asia, the food supply chain was already at a serious disruption even before COVID-19 hit early in the year, according to various resources. This is due to factors such as rapid urbanization and accelerating consumption. Therefore, deeper collaboration between public and private sectors is essential across these regions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a forefront topic and impacts our everyday life, Randox Food remain committed to the global health and safety and evermore than before the workforce itself.

Randox Food not only have testing to help improve the safety of the food industry but we have a high quality molecular COVID-19 analyser, the Vivalytic, that can be used in any setting without the need for a laboratory or lab expertise. This will allow employers to test their essential workers and ensure that the work place is a safe environment.

The Vivalytic tests for the SARS-CoV-2, the test for the current coronavirus and also 9 other pathogens that can have similar symptoms meaning that the corrective action of self-isolation for employees can be taken. By increasing employee testing in the workplace, it will ensure that supply chain can remain uninterrupted without having an impact on the public health need.

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