Global warming is affecting your wine!

Hotter, drier summers are causing new challenges for the current generation of European winemaker’s according to a new study released by the Journal of the European Geosciences Union.

The Journal of European Geosciences Union stated, ‘Outstanding hot and dry years in the past were outliers, while they have become the norm since the transition to rapid warming in 1988.’ The results from the journal found that from 1354 to 1987, grapes were on average picked from 28th September, however since 1987 grapes have been picked on average 13 days earlier. This study is backed up by one of the hottest summers in living memory across Europe.

They reported a distinct correlation between early harvest dates and ‘high pressure over western–central Europe and atmospheric blocking over Denmark’, which they said was associated with high temperatures.

Although hot weather does not directly affect the harvest, the long periods of rainless weather effects the growth development of the grape which slows down significantly along with the extreme temperatures it can spoil or over/under ripen the grape.

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