Grape expectations for your wine?

Winemaker Robert Mondavi once stated that ‘Making good wine is a skill, making fine wine is an art’. The difference in good wine and fine wine is usually found during the fermentation process. Many winemakers have tried and tested methods of making sure that their wine is of the highest quality. These techniques have been perfected again and again.

The great expectation of a winemaker to produce the highest quality wine every time is a major factor in these techniques being outdated. Technology has been giving a helping hand to the winemakers. Using their expert knowledge combined with the power of technology has ensured that the expectation put upon winemakers to create excellent wine is regularly achieved.

Technology is used within the wine industry to aid developments in the fermentation, bottling and even the picking of the grapes, these are some of the biggest revelations in the new methods used for wine making. With the introduction of new innovative technologies, utilising traditional methods and the art of wine-making are merged to accommodate consumer demand without comprising quality.

With 18 reagent kits available, Randox Food offers these technologies with one of the most comprehensive and globally trusted ranges of wine testing reagents on the market. Randox Food supply some of the worlds most renowned and trusted wine brands from wineries in France, USA and Australia. All reagents are manufactured to provide you with the highest levels of sensitivity to ensure you receive accurate and reliable results.

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Did you know that Randox Food Diagnostics will be at Eastern Winery Exposition 2018 in Lancaster, PA? We will be there with the RX misano offering you an insight into our analysers and globally renowned wine reagents! We will be at booth #171, we hope to see you there!

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