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RX misano | The helping hand in the wine industry

Over time everything about you changes, if it’s your appearance, your job, your house or your taste for certain foods and drinks. Everything changes even the wine industry. World renowned artist, Andy Warhol stated, ‘They always say that time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself’. Although things do change over time it may be that we must change them ourselves.

Wine testing/tasting has been an integral part of the winemaking process. Ensuring that we have a clear picture of the wine throughout the fermentation process is vital as it allows the winemaker to change slight things about the wine that can ultimately improve the wine’s taste and value. With wine demand on the increase, up 0.26% in 2017 from the previous year, it is becoming ever more important to ensure the high quality of the wine being produced.

The RX Misano is the helping hand for your winery. Built by Randox Food Diagnostics to ensure that your wine is of the highest quality, every time. Designed with the user in mind the RX Misano is capable of being placed in any environment. It’s table top size allows it to be very versatile in different locations and needs very little maintenance from the user.

User friendly
7” responsive touch screen display, favourites menu, on screen prompts, the ability to export data into excel and import new menus.

With the ability to automatically calculate results, the RX misano leaves less chance for human error.

Customisable test menus
As the RX Misano, wine test menu continues to grow, users can simply upload new parameters to the machine via USB.

Results are quantitative and produced within +/- 1% of UKAS accredited reference materials, boasting increased accuracy compared to alternative methods.

With 18 reagent kits available, Randox Food offers these technologies with one of the most comprehensive and globally trusted ranges of wine testing reagents on the market. Randox Food supply some of the worlds most renowned and trusted wine brands from wineries in France, USA and Australia. All reagents are manufactured to provide you with the highest levels of sensitivity to ensure you receive accurate and reliable results.

For more information on Randox Foods wine analysers, enzymatic and colorimetric kits please contact to request a brochure or to arrange to speak directly to one of our sales executives in your country.

Did you know that Randox Food Diagnostics will be at Eastern Winery Exposition 2018 in Lancaster, PA? We will be there with the RX misano offering you an insight into our analysers and globally renowned wine reagents! We will be at booth #171, we hope to see you there!

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