High signs of Aflatoxins present in Indian Milk


Findings from a recently released National Milk Safety and Quality Survey has found that Indian milk, especially from the Kerala region of the country is found to contain high levels of Aflatoxins M1.

Out of 187 samples collected across the state they found that 37 samples tested positive for Aflatoxin M1. A problem which is seen more in processed milk rather than in raw milk. Aflatoxin M1 is mainly present in feed which is then consumed by the animal and forms in the liver and excreted in milk.

It is believed that the issues are arising from poor quality grain which is used for animal feed which aflatoxins thrive off. Aflatoxins are a family of toxins that are produced by a type of fungi which found on agricultural products like corn, nuts and feed. It is stated in a number of studies about the carcinogenic properties of Aflatoxins in humans. Although it has never been reported in many developed countries, it has been stated in developing countries that outbreaks of illness have been caused by aflatoxins.

The state officials have confirmed that they are looking at the regulations for testing in the region with news of new testing regulations being tipped as a possible method of curbing the growing issue in the area.

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Why Choose Infiniplex?

No sample preparation is required, the raw milk sample is directly applied to the Biochip, providing users with a screening method that requires zero time to prepare samples meaning that minimal time is added to the production process.

InfiniPlex is available on the semi-automated Evidence Investigator analyser, perfectly suited for medium to high throughput testing and on the fully automated Evidence MultiSTAT an analyser that is ideal for single sample fast analysis with results available in less than 22 minutes.

The array also provides drug discrimination capabilities as detected residues are often unique combinations of pharmaceutical products. Infiniplex can detect the individual compounds of veterinary drugs used to provide a deeper insight into the group of drugs being administered at animal level.

InfiniPlex is changing the face of analysis within the global dairy industry, providing the most comprehensive screening test available with a single sample and meeting the complex screening needs of the market where competitors simply cannot.

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