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Infiniplex for Milk | Meet the MultiSTAT

The InfiniPlex for Milk Array is here to help the dairy industry improve the global standards of dairy. Antibiotics, anti-parasitics and anti-inflammatory drugs are administered to cattle to combat a variety of herd health issues and to ensure that cattle are not suffering from either disease or bacterial infection, at time the level of drugs administered can exceed regulated levels.

In response to this, Randox Food have invested heavily in research and development to create the qualitative InfiniPlex for Milk Array providing users with an easy to interpret positive/negative result in relation to decision levels that all fall at or below the EU Annex 37/2010.

Complying with 98% of EU regulated antibiotics, InfiniPlex is currently unrivalled in the market with the most comprehensive test menu for antibiotics and the ability to also simultaneously detect anti-parasitics, anti-inflammatories and unauthorised substances found in dairy products from a single sample of raw milk using Biochip Array Technology.

Developed with the user in mind, no technical expertise is required to use the test and is available on two analysers, the Evidence Investigator and the Evidence MultiSTAT

What is the MultiSTAT?

The MultiSTAT is part of the Evidence Series of analysers and uses Biochip Array Technology to provide fast analysis of raw milk samples. The analyser is fully automated and the user is simply required to add the sample to the biochip, insert into the analyser, press play and follow the on-screen prompts. The MultiSTAT then screens the sample for 130 analytes and results are available in just under 20 minutes making this analyser ideally suited to the fast-paced nature of the dairy industry.

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