The Food Standards Agency (FSA) issues warnings about alleged adulteration of honey

A warning has been issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) about the adulteration and impurity of honey in name brands on British supermarket shelves.


Tests were carried out which were commissioned by a British honey trader who works with Mexican bee farmers, who then sent the results to the FSA.


The results suggest that some supermarket versions contain foreign sugars, colourings or flavourings.

Once the FSA alerted trading standards departments, retailers and suppliers they stated;

“We take claims of adulteration seriously and are working with local authorities to ensure the companies involved explore these allegations and guarantee the authenticity of the honey they sell.”


Customers deserve to get what they pay for regarding honey products.  In order to help improve food safety within the honey industry Randox Food Diagnostics provide a full profile for honey testing including antibiotics and pesticides (coming soon) on the multiplexing Evidence Investigator analyser. Using Biochip Array Technology, the Investigator allows the user to screen for multiple drug residues within 54 honey samples in just 2 hours 30 minutes.


Randox Food also offer the RX misano a user friendly, table top spectrophotometer which can be used to run a range of quality tests for honey such as sucrose, glucose/fructose, honey colour, HMF and Diastase. These tests help to determine if adulteration has occurred in the honey product.


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