World Mycotoxin Survey 2018 – The results are in!!

The annual World Mycotoxin Survey conducted by Biomin GmbH for 2018 has revealed an increase in the occurrence of Mycotoxins worldwide and an increase in the prevalence of individual toxins in some regions. Fumonisin levels rose significantly, especially in the southern hemisphere and have overtaken DON (Deoxynivalenol) as the most commonly detected mycotoxin worldwide.


Similar to the 2017 report, there were significant differences geographically in the presence of certain mycotoxins. In North America, DON/Vomitoxin remained the most common detected reaching 67% of total samples with an average of 735 parts per billion detected. In Asia, 96% of corn samples tested positive for fumonisins with maximum concentrations of 47,485 ppb. Aflatoxin remains a topic in Asia, with 44% of prevalence in finished feed. DON remains the most prevalent mycotoxin found in Europe.


Perhaps more worrying however, was the increase in the detection of multiple mycotoxins in many of the samples. Out of 691 samples, 82 percent contained over 20 metabolites or mycotoxins. On average 34 mycotoxins and their metabolites where found in these samples, highlighting the significant issue of multiple mycotoxin contamination.


Randox Food Diagnostics provide a multiplexing solution for mycotoxin testing in many matrices including corn, cereals and feed. Our Myco 10 Array utilises Biochip Array Technology and can allow the detection up to 10 groups of mycotoxins from one single sample including aflatoxins G1/G2 & B1/B2, fumonisins, paxilline, ochratoxin A, deoxynivalenol (DON), T2 toxin and Zearalenone. We also offer a range of ELISA kits including ergot alkaloids which will allow you to detect any additional mycotoxins that may be present in a sample.


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