Preparing Your Vineyard for Harvest

Excellence in Every Glass

Each year from August through October and maybe a little later, the Northern Hemisphere comes alive with the excitement and rush of harvest as wine makers celebrate with festivals, dinners and get together as the yearlong grape growing season comes to an end and harvest begins.

Producing the highest quality wine grapes is dependent upon many factors mainly the right amount of sun and rain. The growing process can be stressful for winemakers as they anxiously keep a close eye on weather conditions, in hope that it’s clear of frosts, heatwaves and hail as these can all have detrimental impacts on the vineyard.

However, this year it hasn’t been the worry of weather conditions for winemakers instead many vineyards have been significantly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and events that once brought life to local communities and vineyards are now taking place online. Channels for selling wine such as hotels, restaurants and airports have dried up with current restrictions and online and supermarket sales have never been more important.

Like many industries the food and beverage sector has continued to operate through one of the most challenging times. Using expert knowledge and technology combined ensures that the expectation put upon winemakers to create excellent wine is regularly achieved even in the toughest conditions.

Did you know that a wide range of elements are measured to ensure perfection in every bottle including levels of acidity and sugar ripeness relevant to the desired style of wine? Technology has been giving winemakers a helping hand in ensuring the quality of each harvest for many years including Randox Foods RX misano, a compact, fast and efficient benchtop spectrophotometer capable of gaining results in 8-15 minutes.


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